The participants agree to pay the mediator an hourly rate of $400 for all of the Mediatorís time spent toward the resolution of the above referenced controversy, which may include hearings, telephonic conferences or negotiations, review of mediation briefs or other documentation provided by the participants or counsel, site visits, travel time, together with actual out of pocket costs.

Parties and their Counsel agree each shall be jointly and severally responsible for payment of all mediation fees. Unless modified by prior agreement of the parties, each participant shall bear his/her/its pro-rata share of the applicable mediation fees.

The initial mediation fee is due immediately upon the confirmation of reserved dates. If the initial fee is not received, the mediation session will not go forward. Fees for any additional time will be billed following the session and are due upon receipt of an invoice.

On occasion, the Mediator will require the participants to agree to commit to a minimum of one-half day (i.e., four (4) hours), or a full day (i.e., eight (8) hours).

If the Mediator so requires, the participants agree to provide full payment, as designated, before the commencement of the mediation, and to pay any balance due within two (2) business days of the mediationís completion.

Cancellation Policy:
Fees will not be refunded if a matter is cancelled or continued fourteen (14) days or less before the original date scheduled for the session, unless the Mediator is able to schedule another conference for date(s) being held.

If the session is cancelled fourteen (14) days or more prior to the conference, deposited fees will be returned, less one hundred dollars ($100.00) per party, which will be retained as an administrative cancellation fee.

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